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What Can I Expect?

When you contact Yankey Law Firm for a consultation, Lisa or another person calling on her behalf will probably want to discuss your case over the phone. This is because Yankey Law Firm only handles certain types of immigration cases. If you have already submitted immigration papers, Lisa will want to be able to see them to help her evaluate your case. Lisa is bilingual and speaks both Spanish and English, so feel free to speak to her in Spanish if you are more comfortable that way. 

A message from Lisa Yankey:

Because I understand how important your case is, my clients are able to text or email me directly. I do my best to return your messages within a reasonable time, to answer your questions, and to help you understand the immigration process you are going through. I understand that the outcome of an immigration case is life-changing. I am committed to doing what is possible to obtain a prompt and successful outcome of your case.